Epiphany Fellowship Sermons

Rechab Gray teaches from Colossians 2:6-7 encouraging us to make Christ the centerpiece.

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Pastor Larrry explores understanding historical narrative in the Bible through our monthly bible study.

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Pastor Eric teaches today from 2 Cor. 10:3-6 and Judges 6:11-14, 25-26. Informing us, God's people that in order to break free from strongholds, you must have an encounter with God.

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Pastor Eric walks through Genesis 45:1-15 highlighting the life of Joseph. He encourages us to remember where God has brought us from!

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Pastor Eric Mason preaches from Genesis 12:1-9 on how God interrupts our lives to change our story. He calls us to have faith, belief, and obedience into the unknown. 

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Pastor Tommy preaches his farewell message from Luke 1:5-25. Encouraging us to embrace the times of waiting in our lives to see Gods purpose and agenda for the kingdom and not simply our own personal gain. 

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Pastor Brandon Watts Preachers his Farewell sermon as he is transitioning to plant Epiphany Brooklyn. Coming out of Matthew 7:24-27 Pastor Brandon speaks briefly on whom we should build our foundation. Christ Alone!

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Pastor Larry Smith leads our fourth Wednesday bible study on the topic of Biblical Poetry

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Pastor Eric Mason preaches from John 5:1-15 on Taking up what you've been leaning on and lean on God. 

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Pastor Larry teaches us about our desperate need for the local church. Walking through Epeshesians 4:11-16 he lays out five ways the local church matures believers. 

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