Epiphany Fellowship Podcast (Ruth)

Pastor Eric Mason picks up where he left off last week in the Ruth series. Join us at Ruth chapter 3 verses 5 through 13.

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Lead Pastor Dr. Eric Mason continues in our Ruth Series. Unpacking a powerful message out of Ruth 3:1-18 . 

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Pastor Eric Mason returns from sabbatical and picks up in the Ruth series. Join us at Ruth chapter 2 verses 1-12 as Pastor Eric encourages and unpacks through scripture how we are to have a supernatural response to tragedy. Enjoy!

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Dr. Mason returns and continues in our Ruth series.

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Pastor Eric Mason continues his series in Ruth 1:6-18 and explains through the story of Ruth how God never forsakes us even when we give up on Him.

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Pastor Eric Mason Starts us in a new series "Ruth" . Coming from Ruth 1:1-5

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