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Dr. Mason continues through 1 Timothy 1 and encourages us to think of the grace we have been given by Christ and display that grace to others. Tune in and be blessed

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Today's sermon was by our very own Myles "Mac" Lawhorn. Myles taught us from Psalm 106:1-13. The message highlighted God's faithfulness through various scriptures and he encouraged us to lean away from how we easily forget about God's faithfulness. Tune in and be blessed by today's sermon 

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This week Dr. Eric Mason shares with us the vision for the church.

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This week Pastor Derrick Parks of Epiphany Church Brooklyn walked us through John 14:1-7 and reminded us that we can live lives anchored by hope in Jesus. 

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This week Pastor Eric Mason preached the sermon, β€œThe Gospel in an Everything Goes Society” from Colossians 2:14-20. In this sermon he makes the three main points that 1. Jesus has eradicated the authority the enemy had in your life, 2. Jesus calls you to lay down all false forms of spiritual value, and 3. Jesus is sufficient to nourish every area of your life.  Thanks for listening and may you be blessed by this teaching.

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Pastor Damon Richardson starts us off this year with a great reminder that we, the people of God, are indeed "The Sheep of His Pasture". Pastor Damon preaches from Psalm 100:1-5 and highlights how the use of sheep in scripture actually mirrors the life of the Christian believer. 

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Pastor Curtis Dunlap continues in our "Here He Comes" series in Psalm 89:3-4;24-29. Pastor Curt encourages us that you can trust in God who keeps his promises. Tune and be blessed! Happy Holidays to you and your Family!

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Dr. Mason walks us through the last church in the seven churches on conquering Luke-warmness. Revelation 3:14-22

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Dr. Tripp walks us through God's grace to Jonah, but doesn't limit His grace to Jonah's story alone. Take a listen. Be Blessed!

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As Pastor Larry preaches his last sermon as an elder at Epiphany Fellowship, he challenges us to not neglect Christian community from Hebrews 12:14-16 

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Pastor Curtis continues the Family series in 1 Samuel 2:12-26 and teaches how passive parenting can damage the next generation

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Pastor Eric Mason starts 2018 with Epiphany's Vision Sunday in the book of Zachariah chapter 4 verse 10. Tune in with us as we reflect on 2017 and take a peek into 2018

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Epiphany Fellowship continues the celebration of Advent with a word brought to us by Vernon Mobley Jr.
Luke 2:8-20
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Pastor Eric Mason finishes up with the Philemon series. Coming out of Philemon 1:17-25 unpacking a powerful message. 

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Dr. Mason preaches from Ruth 4:11-22 as we close out our series in Ruth.

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Pastor Eric Mason continued in our Ruth series. Unpacking a powerful message from Ruth 4:1-9.

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Dr. Mason continues to walk us through the of Ruth and encourages us to know that our God has not forgotten about us.

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Pastor Larry walks us through and challenges us to live what we believe from Matthew 25:14-30 

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Pastor Curtis Dunlap preaches from 1 Thes. 4:1-8 unpacking a powerful message on sanctification 

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Pastor Curtis Dunlap walks us through Mark 7:1-23 highlighting through the teachings of Jesus to be aware of our man-made rules, because they can easily defile us and pull us away from God and into sin

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This evening Pastor Matt Chandler preached from Titus 3:3-8 reminding us to fast, feast and celebrate.

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Today, Pastor Larry preached from John 5:18-29, on how Jesus is the equal of God. 

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Pastor Watson Jones III unpacks a powerful message from Matthew 1:18-25 on Obedience. 

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Pastor Larrry explores understanding historical narrative in the Bible through our monthly bible study.

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